Arthroscopic Surgery

Arthroscopic Surgery

Arthroscopic surgery is the imaging of the joints by opening one centimeter incisions. Arthroscopic surgery, which is used for diagnosis and treatment, has an important role in the treatment of diseases related to knee, shoulder and hip joints. Arthroscopic surgery is performed under anesthesia and in the operating room, which enables the acceleration of the healing process of the patients and makes the surgery more comfortable.
The operations performed by arthrocospic surgery take an average of 20 minutes to 120 minutes. In arthroscopic surgery, two or more incisions are made in the patient’s body and the operation is performed. In some surgeries, arthroscopic surgery is used for intraarticular surgery, while open surgery can be performed outside the joint. Arthroscopic surgery can be used in the diagnosis and treatment of all diseases related to large joints.

Areas of arthroscopic surgery

Arthroscopy can be used for diagnosis and treatment of many diseases related to joints.

  • Repair or removal of meniscus tears,


  • Treatment of cartilage problems,


  • Intraarticular biopsy,


  • Treatment of movement limitations after trauma or surgical operation,


  • Bone tissue or cartilage transplantation,


  • Treatment of intraarticular fractures,


  • Treatment of recurrent dislocations,


  • Muscle jams

It can be used especially in knee joint related surgical operations.