Sports Traumatology

Sports Traumatology

Sports traumatology is a branch that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of trauma or injuries during sports activities. Sports activities include knee joint, meniscus tears, anterior cruciate ligament injuries and cartilage damage. The treatment process may be prolonged in the absence of rapid and correct intervention after sports injuries.

Knee Joint Injuries

In the treatment of knee joint injuries, meniscus tears, anterior cruciate ligament injuries and posterior cruciate ligament injuries, arthroscopic surgery is performed. Anterior cruciate ligament injuries and meniscus tears are common in individuals involved in sports such as football, basketball and running.

Hip joint injuries

Hip arthroscopy is used for dislocation of the hip joint, tissue compression and cartilage trauma. Hip trauma reduces mobility and causes severe pain. Urgent intervention is very important for post-traumatic hip injuries.

Shoulder Joint Injuries

Shoulder impingement syndrome and shoulder dislocation are common trauma in athletes. Arthroscopy after shoulder traumas accelerates the healing process.